The deal between SNP and DEMOS possible: Milic wants everything in half, Lekic wants more

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Intensive negotiations between representatives of Demos whose president is Miodrag Lekic and Socialistic people’s party of Srdjan Milic lead to high level of compatibility and it is almost certain that they will come to a deal for a coalition on the upcoming elections, it was told to Dnevne newspaper from the top of these parties.

Information from the last meeting of the representatives of the two parties are that the deal is still not made regarding the percentage of the parliament members list.

According to Dnevne newspaper sources, Lekic wants 60 percent of the list to be from Demos. On the other hand, Milic feels that the list should be split evenly, each side to get 50 percent.

Those familiar with situation in these two parties believe that the deal will happen anyway, and that the percentages on the list is not an issue that can prevent forming the coalition of these two parties.

Dnevne nespaper write that besides Demos Milic has been active on other sides too.

He is trying to gather as many political subjects as possible with whom he could make pre-election or post-election coalition, depending on the decision of the geneal board of this party regarding the upcoming elections.

The plan is to make as wide a coalition as possible with SNP and Demos leading it. SNP is aware that after several inner shakes within the party and departure of several experienced politicians they are under pressure to secure the entrance in the parliament.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro