The decision on Czech offer next week

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The decision on the offer of Czech company Termocom on taking over Nikšić’s Metalac will be know next week, when the workers will be holding daily gatherings as a sign of warning, MINA Business Agency learned.

Representative of former workers, Radisav Jauković, said that they had a talk in the Commerce Court in Podgorica today with bankruptcy manager Blažo Jovanić and Saša Zejak, and that they were told that the complexity of the process demands that the decision be made next week.

“We think that this is a serious offer, and the credibility of the company is easy enough to check. Should we refuse the offer, Metalac will cease work and no one will work there ever again”, Jauković said to MINA Business Agency.

Representatives of the workers submitted requests for talks to IRF, Tax Administration, Minister of Economy Vladimir Kavarić and Mayor of Nikšić Veselin Grbović. They expect them to get involved in solving Metalac situation.

Former workers invited those in charge to accept the offer, otherwise they would protest in front of Commerce Court, Ministry of Economy and the Government.

They said that the company seems to be credible and that it guarantees production, and that this could be the last chance to save this factory.

According to Jauković, the ninth call has been answered by Czech company Termocom, with an offer submitted to Commerce Court.

“We are not aware of the details of the offer, but they said they would start the production in September, and employ 30 to 50 workers by the end of the year, with more next year, which is of great importance for Montenegro’s commerce”, Jauković said.

Debts to the workers are in the amount of one million EUR, and Czech company said that they would accept the debts and pay them in three rate by December 15th.

”Should the Commerce Court accept the offer, every workers would need to sign an individual contract and would get his rights and debts. The most important thing is that Metelac starts working again. We do not want anyone to cheat on the workers”, Jauković said.

Termocom offered 330 thousand EUR for Montavar Metalac. They also offered to pay all the debts to the workers.

Commerce Court announced bankruptcy in the case of Montavar Metalac in the beginning of last year.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro