The defence ask for the recusal of Katnic and Chadjenovic

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The trial for terrorism on the day of the parliamentary elections last year was postponed today and will be continued tomorrow as the defense lawyers requested the recusal of the Chief Special Prosecutor Milivoj Katnic and the prosecutor Sasa Cadjenovic. Earlier, Sasa Sindjelic said that Edi (Edvard Sismakov) was informing him to whom he had been giving money.

Sindjelic said that he has been exposed to attacks. “Someone broke into my apartment in Obrenovac, part of the documentation from my apartment the defence uses in this trial. ”, Sindjelic said.

The trial was interrupted because the motion for the recusal has been submitted,. It will continue tomorrow at 9am.

Attorney Petronijevic requested the recusal of chief special prosecutor Milivoj Katnic and the prosecutor Sasa Cadjedovic.

Petronijevic said that the Special Prosecutor said that he had evidence of the actions the lawyer undertook. “So it can be concluded that I was part of this planned bloodshed,” Petronijevic said.

“If the prosecutor conceals evidence about me then we can not both be in the courtroom,” Petronijevic said. Attorney Petronijevic said that it was a threat.

The chief special prosecutor replied that it was a manipulation. “Someone is falsifying images here. I have clearly stated that I have the prosecution’s data on your involvement. No one mentioned bloodshed … And now I clarify, it refers the preparation of witnesses in Serbia, obtaining evidence … I have said that culturally, there were no threats. If we are to notice if somebody is threatening here, you just now threatened me with the Hague Tribunal … “, Katnic said, adding that Petronijevic went to Serbia and questioned “these people “.

Lawyers Miroje Jovanovic and Milan Petrovic joined the request for the recusal of Katnic and Cadjenovic.

“This is a serious violation of the Law on Advocacy,” Jovanovic said. He said that it was permissible for the defense to collect evidence in a lawful manner. “This is a bias in a process that has not been seen in Europe and Strasbourg practice,” said the lawyer.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro