The DF campaign is primitive

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Deputy Prime Minister Dusko Markovic, said that at this moment conditions for the organization of free parliamentary elections have been created. The campaign in Montenegro is in his opinion primitive.

At the ocasion of the Civil hour, organized by the Center for Democratic Transition (CDT), he said that the elections scheduled for 16 October are important because “Montenegro in the next four years must solve important strategic issues”.

Markovic believes that the election campaign in Montenegro is vulgar and primitive.

“What the DF is doing is primitive, illegal and stands out from the Montenegrin traditions and morals. They do not criticize only in political sense but they encroach on our families,” said Markovic.

He called upon citizens to go to the polls on 16th October “free, with their own and clear political conviction’ and vote for the option they think is the best.

He said that Montenegro has one of the best electoral rolls, in the region and broader.

He believes that it is not good that the money to finance political campaigns comes from abroad. Therefore, he said, authorities that are monitoring transparency and origins of money, the Agency and Special State Prosecutor’s Office should play an active role.

Markovic estimated and that in the October parliamentary elections turnout would be more than 70 percent.

When it comes to the government of electoral confidence, he believes that it is “the best thing that could happen to Montenegro”.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro