The DF wants to revive chetnicks’ spirit

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The Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) strongly condemned the initiative and attempted raise a monument to chetnik commander Pavle Djurisic in the Berane village of Gornje Zaostro.

The DPS reminded that in 2003 the institutions prevented identical “undertaking” of, as they said, political leaders led by chetnik duke Andrija Mandic, which today calls itself the Democratic Front, and 14 years ago it was called the Serbian People’s Party.

“The latest initiative of the Democratic Front to raise monument to chetnik commander Pavle Djurisic, trying to revive the spirits of chetniks and fascism, clearly states that this political alliance has not given up on its nationalist policy at any moment, as we are continuously pointing out,” they said. The DPS believes that the raising of the monument to Djurisic, as well as the repetition of such an initiative, is primarily mocking the Montenegrin anti-fascist tradition, from which emerged present civic state of Montenegro.

“This is the ultimate goal of the DF and its leaders. From backstage whisper their coalition partners from the SDP, unsuccessfully and effortlessly trying to attribute the embarrassing initiative of the DF to the DPS. Instead of asking the DF within the coalition to withdraw the initiative, or, principally, in accordance with its claims to always be “on the right side of history”, regarding the idea of the memorial, terminating the coalition in all the municipalities where they support chetnik dukes. Leave us alone, solve the problems within your coalition, and the policy led by the DPS will, as always, be able to successfully defend the values of anti-fascist Montenegro, “the DPS said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro