The DF would like to overthrow the state with the state money

Democratic Party of Socialists will achieve good results in the upcoming elections, said the deputy president of the party and Deputy Prime Minister Dusko Markovic for Radio Montenegro. He also said that the DF (Democratic Front), with means taken from the government, is working on collapsing it.

“As deputy chairman of the party not only do I expect but I believe in a good result which will be based on actual results and policies rather than the abstraction of the advantages we have as a government, as announced by our political opponents,” said Markovic.

Markovic said that the parliamentary working group did a good job. He believes that by the end of March this parliamentary body should finish all in order to organize elections in the spring.

“Thanks to the results of the elections in 2012, that were also recognized, deputies of the Democratic Front sit in various parliamentary bodies and the European Parliament”, said Markovic.

Markovic stressed that with the funds taken from the state, the Democratic Front works on its collapse rather than on the improvement of living standards and political stability.

“With funds from the budget they financed the arrival of their supporters to protests. They are spending state funds on an obstruction on the streets and not on improvement of the quality of life and contribution to political stability”, Markovic said.

The invitation for NATO membership was confirmation of the progress of our country in all the expected areas. The reform of the intelligence services has contributed significantly to receiving the invitation, believes Markovic.

He believes that the process of accession to the Alliance will be completed by the spring of 2017.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro