The Director of the Police to be dismissed

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After the murder of inmate Dalibor Djuric, Interior Minister Goran Danilovic announced that he would urge the Prime Minister to dismiss the Director and part of the management of the Police.

He said that Montenegro is not a safe country.

According to him, six murders happened since the last session of the Council for National Security two months ago.

“We have one kidnapping , I’m afraid, with the same outcome. Silence is unacceptable. I do not agree with the assessment that the state would show weakness if it raised the question of responsibility. The state would show strength and would show that it is ready to put an end to it,” Danilovic said, adding that this was not a personal thing nor it was aimed against the police directo nor the management.

According to him, it is a pure professionalism.

“If one can be killed, from a clearance, over the fence, a prisoner that should serve his sentence there, no matter if he was sentenced felon of higher or lower rank, everyone has to understand that the one to judge should be the state. We allowed another criminal to judge before us’ said Danilovic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro