The fight for Montenegro was not completed on 21 May

SDP program will strive for the establishment of political will to fight high-level corruption, more effective fight against organized crime, confiscation of crime as well as investigation of any responsibility in the event of privatization. It is stated in the draft Programme Declaration of the SDP, which is prepared by a team led by Mico Orlandic.

The document that will be adopted at the Congress stated that the fight for the state of Montenegro was not completed on 21 May 2006 when we renewed independence in a democratic referendum.

SDP will nourish civil, multi-ethnic, anti-fascist and Euro-Atlantic values of Montenegro.

Under the section Rule of Law, document says that the SDP in the next four years, through their representatives in the parliament, the government, local governments and other public authorities, will insist on establishing a clear political will to fight corruption, especially at high level, thereby encouraging a more active approach of competent authorities for investigation and prosecution of criminal offenses in this field.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro