The first authentic Lebanese restaurant in Montenegro

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Montenegro is richer for another gastronomic experience inspired by the spirit of the Orient. The first authentic Lebanese restaurant Byblos has been opened in Montenegro in the marina and resort Porto Montenegro.

In only ten years Porto Montenegro has firmly positioned as the main community for yachting and attracted the attention of a large number of investors and tourists from around the world. One of the first investors was the Australian entrepreneur Romy Hawatt. Mr. Hawatt is the owner of the agency Discover Montenegro which has strengthened the relations between the Government of Montenegro and the Government of Dubai and the owner of Airways Aviation which provides pilots with a number of licensed trainings in Montenegro and around the world. The latest venture of this investor has been the opening of the Byblos Lebanese restaurant.

„Montenegro is the country that is gradually but steadily developing. This reflects in finding new experiences and requirements of a growing number of foreign tourists as well as locals for diversity in tastes. Thus the space for a new gastronomic experience is created. To open the first authentic Lebanese restaurant with carefully prepared food in a special ambiance was our goal which we have achieved.” said Mr. Romy Hawatt.

When it comes to new gastronomic experience Lebanese cuisine is the most balanced of all originating from the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Its long legacy of healthy dishes is associated with exotic tastes and great benefits for our health. Lebanese dishes are usually prepared and are based on a series of natural, unprocessed ingredients such as fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans and grains, cold-pressed oil, including olive and sesame (Tahini). There is also the meat of local suppliers and seafood, fresh and fermented yogurt and other dairy sauces combined with nuts and seeds.


These foods naturally contain high levels of basic nutrients, vitamins, chlorophyll, proteins and essential fatty acids. They are further properly enhanced during the preparation and cooking with a series of special herbs and spices from the Middle East such as coriander, parsley, oregano, garlic , fresh and dried mint, cumin, nutmeg, turmeric, cinnamon.

Oriental vegetable dishes are very common which makes this type of cuisine particularly attractive to vegetarians and vegans or to those who simply want to balance the consumption of meat. However, for those who like meat and seafood there is always a range of exotic dishes from the grill slowly cooked or baked with pleasure. In the Byblos Lebanese restaurant everyone can find what they want.

At the opening of the Byblos restaurant there were the top officials from the Government of Montenegro, Tourism Minister Mr. Branimir Gvozdenovic, the media representatives, the new owners of Porto Montenegro, Mr. Mohammed Al Shaibani, CEO of ICD and Mr. Rashid Abdul Rahman Al-Rashed the banker from Saudi Arabia, who takes the 31st place on the Forbes list.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro