The first: Slovenia to ratify Accession Protocol on June 8th

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Slovenia has definitely decided to be the first country to ratify Montenegro’s Accession Protocol to NATO. It will be done on June 8th, in the Parliament. Although other countries in the region raced to be the first to do it, it is now imminent that Slovenia will be the one.

This information was confirmed to Dnevne Novine daily by high officials of this country. Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia Karl Erjavec said that this is a definite decision on Slovenia’s part.

He reminded that the Alliance decided to invite Montenegro to NATO On December 2nd 2015, and that they signed the Accession Protocol on May 19th of this year.

“Slovenia immediately thereafter started the process of ratification. The Accession Protocol was passed by Slovenia’s Government on May 26th, and Slovenia’s Parliament will discuss ratification on June 8th”, Erjavec said in a statement to Dnevne Novine daily.

Slovenian Minister said that the invitation to Montenegro demonstrates its successes in the integration process and its dedication to share Alliance’s values.

It is a result of Montenegro’s hard work and constant dedication to the reformation process.

“NATO expansion is based on Alliance’s values that estimate country’s progress in all the areas of its development. Slovenia will continue to support Montenegro, sharing experiences”, Erjavec concluded.

No difficulties in the ratification

Slovenia’s Parliament confirmed as much to Dnevne Novine daily. They said that the ratification will be done on June 8th.

“The ratification will be done during the Parliament’s session on Wednesday, June 8th 2016. The session will start at 13h”, it was said from the press department.

“The session was demanded by all the political parties but one, and the request was signed by 84 representatives out of 90, so we do not expect any difficulties in the ratification discussion”, it was stated.

Kacin: We stood by Montenegro during its most important years

Resident representative of Slovenia in NATO Jelko Kacin said that his country has always supported Montenegro’s integration to NATO, and it will continue to do so in the future.

“We would like to say that Slovenia has supported Montenegro from the beginning, and it will continue to do so”, Kacin said to Dnevne Novine daily.

He reminded that during 2011-2014, the most important years of Montenegro’s integration, Slovenia took the role of contact embassy for NATO in Montenegro.

“Our active cooperation was confirmed by sending to defense counselors to Podgorica”, he said. Kacin noted that the ratification documentation is already in the procedure.

“Slovenia’s Government has already passed documentation for the ratification of Montenegro’s Accession Protocol. We expect the Parliament to be done with the ratification on June 8th, before the meeting of ministers scheduled for June 14th and 15th in Brussels”, Kacin concluded.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro