The girl died from the effects of fire



Irena Piperovic from Podgorica died this morning at eight o’clock in the intensive care unit of the Clinical Center of Montenegro (KCCG) in Podgorica, it was confirmed to the RTCG Portal from KCCG.

Piperovic was severely injured in a fire that broke out on Sunday morning in ‘’Bratstva i jedinstva’’ street in Podgorica and was in a deep coma, on mechanical ventilation.

Irena’s mother died in a fire, while her father suffered burns of second and third degree on 30 per cent of the body surface.

Firefighters found a fire in an advanced stage and almost the entire apartment was affected by the flame. It was localized very quickly.

“Two people were found in one of the bedrooms. One person was lying on the floor of the room towards the balcony door, which was the typical position for person that dies in fire as a result of poisoning due to high concentration of toxic gases. Another person was found unconscious on the bed. This person was immediately evacuated and transferred to KCCG. The further examination has not established that more persons were in the apartment”, Lazar Cadjenovic from the emergency and rescue services said earlier.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro