The government allocated additional €270,000 for Solana

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The government approved allocating additional €270,000 from the capital budget and the budget of the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, in order for the National Parks of Montenegro (NPCG) to be able to manage Ulcinj-based salt pans Solana in a quality and secure way.

The minister of sustainable development and tourism Branimir Gvozdenovic said that those were additional funds for the purchase of new pumps for pumping and maintaining the entire system, so as to avoid losing Solana’s environment capacity by letting cane to grow in the areas where the water withdrew from.

“In this way, the conditions for the gradual introduction of additional trial production of salt are being created”, Gvozdenovic said after the government’s session.

In late August, NPCG extended the lease agreement on Solana “Bajo Sekulic” for another year. As the only bidder in the tender, this company signed a one-year lease of the entire immovable and movable property of Solana.

According to the tender call, the entire complex lease for a period of one year was offered at a minimum price of €2,400 per month, plus VAT, maintenance costs and protection of all movable and immovable property.

The interested bidders are obliged to organise the production and processing of salt with Solana’s equipment or conducting related activities that are compatible with the physical, natural and financial resources of the company.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro