The government authorised the Interior Ministry secretary to sign the electoral roll! Danilovic did not vote at all!

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Although the fate of the electoral roll ahead of parliamentary elections on 16 October seemed uncertain, since the opposition minister in the government of electoral trust Goran Danilovic refused to sign it, the problem is solved.


The government has unanimously authorised the Interior Ministry secretary Dragan Pejanovic to make a decision on electoral roll conclusion.

The government conformed to CDM that Danilovic himself voted for the decision. However, he denied that at an extraordinary press conference.

“I left the session before the vote. It could be expected that I will not vote”, he said.

Danilovic had earlier refused to sign the electoral roll on the grounds that he cannot do that because more than 100,000 out of the total 529,000 voters have been registered at different polling stations in comparison to previous elections.

However, each voter can check what polling station they are registered in by calling the number 19820 or by visiting the website

Danilovic previously tested AFIS, or the electronic voter identification system, which will be applied on the elections on 16 October for the first time. The test showed that there are 102 people in the electoral roll whose fingerprints matched with someone else’s.

How this electoral roll is different from the previous one will be known tomorrow.

Dragan Pejanovic told CDM that he was waiting for the government to formally authorise him to sign the electoral register.

“It will happen today, after which I will send the decision to the State Election Commission (SEC)”, he said.

In addition, the Interior Ministry is now working on the “electoral roll numerical spreadsheet”.

“This means that we are analysing the changes by local units, but also as a whole, compared to the electoral register used for the previous parliamentary elections in 2012. The media will get the information tomorrow”, Pejanovic told CDM.

Danilovic will not be fined

Danilovic risked to be fined up to €2,000 due to the refusal to sign the electoral roll, the SEC confirmed for CDM. However, he will not be fined.

Article 35 of the law stipulates that “responsible person in the ministry shall be fined €1,500–€2,000, if the decision on the electoral roll conclusion is not submitted to the State Election Commission within the period prescribed by Article 18, paragraph 4 of the Law on Electoral Roll”. Given that the electoral roll was completed on 5 October 2016 at midnight, and that the deadline for submitting the decision on the electoral register conclusion has not expired yet, the conditions for applying Article 35 of the law have not been fulfilled, the SEC told CDM.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro