The initiative was politically motivated

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Mayor of Podgorica Slavoljub Stijepovic said that the initiative for his dismissal was politically motivated.

Members of the Assembly of the CapitalCity are discussing the proposal for the dismissal of the mayor Slavoljub Stijepovic, suggested by Democrats.

At the session of the city parliament Stijepovic said that the initiative for his replacement is the “strategy and the way of acting of the Democrats.” Mayor of Podgorica reminds that the Democrats have also earlier launched an initiative for the dismissal of the Prime Minister, but did not gather the support.

“They tried it also with the President of the country and again did not succeed. It means that this initiative too is doomed to failure,” said Stijepovic in the city parliament.

Stijepovic also reminds that the ruling coalition in Podgorica has more than 50 percent of support. He also alleged that he was surprised that Democrats have scored an own goal “because they proposed the dismissal of the mayor that they know they can not go through with.”

The first man said he did not flee from the amendments to the Statute of the City, stating that he can not wait for the new measure to be introduced, among which is also the measure to speak Montenegrin language in the parliament.

Democrats councillor Vladimir Cadjenovic said that the best indicator of confidence of citizens of Podgorica in Stijepovic is that the DPS has not put him on the electoral list for the upcoming parliamentary elections. Regarding the initiative for dismissal, Cadjenovic said that the first reason for the dismissal of Stijepovic was construction of skyscraper near the hotel “Podgorica”.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro