The injured workers are life threatened

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Workers Maksim Vujicic and Radovan Cobeljic were badly injured in an explosion that has happened at the Tara weapons factory in Mojkovac this morning. They have burns that are life-threatening.

After having got primary treatment at the General Hospital in Bijelo Polje they were transported to the Clinical Center in Podgorica by a helicopter of the MUP (Ministry of Internal Affairs) of Montenegro.

Director of the Emergency Center in Podgorica Dr. Nermin Abdic told reporters that the workers got burns that were “life-threatening”.

It is a burnout of the second to third degree which affected more than 95 percent of the body. The injured workers are placed in the Intensive Care Unit.

Abdic told that the full professional staff of the KCCG (Clinical Center of Montenegro) is working to provide the best medical care to the injured workers.

The head of security in Mojkovacka Tara Dejan Pejovic told the Television of Montenegro that a strong explosion occurred in the pressroom. The circumstances of the accident are still being investigated.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro