The investigation to include Montenegrin citizens? Velimirović dismantled the weapons?

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Special State Prosecution should include several Montenegrin citizens in the investigation, as well as two Russian nationals, that are suspected of being organizers of the terrorist attack in Montenegro. They are suspected of employing Aleksandar Sinđelić and Bratislav Dikić, as well as a few other criminal groups, Weekend Edition Dnevne Novine daily learns.

Unofficially, Montenegrin Mirko Velimirović (45) might be included in the investigation. According to phone transcripts, he talked with Sinđelić about the details of the attack. Velimirović is related to one of the suspects Stefan Velimirović.

According Weekend Edition Dnevne Novine daily learns that investigators believe that Mirko Velimirović had a task of transporting weapons into Montenegro – 50 automatic rifles and 50 guns, and a lot of ammunition. These weapons were to be used in the attack of institutions, civilians and Prime Minister Đukanović. When authorities stopped him, he dismantled and destroyed weapons out of Montenegrin borders. Allegedly, Velimirović did it himself, and there are material evidence to the fact.

He allegedly took 150.000 EUR from Sinđelić, that were to be used to acquire weapons and store them in a house in Podgorica. Only when he got the full plan, he reported to the police.

No plea bargains in terrorism cases?

Sinđelić and Dikić are under close security measures, and they were taken to Prosecution for hearings several times during the last days.

Unofficially, Sinđelić gave out a lot of details so far. Dikić’s statement will also have crucial significance in the investigation.

Although there are speculations that they are negotiating plea bargains, State Prosecutor Milivoje Katnić stated that there are no such motivations for now, although it is not impossible.

Still keeping in mind that the charges are on terrorism, plea bargains should not be possible. Legislation on crime procedures entails that plea bargains can be made in all cases except terrorism and war crimes.

There are speculations that their charges could be changed.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro