The Kavac Clan leader interrogated



More than 15 people have been questioned during the investigation of the murder of Goran Biskupovic (28) and his friend Milos Bosnjak (26) from Kotor. They were killed on Monday in a bomb attack in Kotor neighborhood Muo.

As ‘’Pobjeda’’ learned, members of the “Kavac Clan”, persons of security interest, as well as several citizens for which there was no suspicion of involvement in criminal activities were among interogated.

Slobodan Kascelan, who was marked as the leader of the ‘’Kavac Clan” in the police records, was questioned on Monday evening. In the same time, police did not get the statement of Zvicer, who is currently abroad.

As ‘’Pobjeda’’ reports, police is interested in questioning the two brothers who are allegedly leaders of the ‘’Skaljari Group”, Jovica and Igor Vukotic, but they are also out of the country.

The Skaljari leaders have been under increased caution for some time and they left Montenegro since the war with the Kavac Clan started.

Meanwhile, police monitors their house.

Investigators have collected some information and drew up a new list of persons to be invited in for questioning.

So far, police have no suspects for the crime that occurred in the vicinity of the house of Biskupovic in Muo, but is sure that the motives for these two executions were unresolved drug smuggling deals.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro