"The Key": Citizens trust their eyes more than they trust stories of ‘steady forward’

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Coalition “The Key”, which is made of Demos, Socialistic people’s party SNP and Civic movement URA, presented its election program today, and it was confirmed that the leader of the list will be Miodrag Lekic. The campaign will start in Bijelo Polje as they announced, and final election list will be published on Thursday.

Miodrag Lekic said that they managed to create a program that is uniting the strengths of all three parties.

“The program itself has a very large scope, but the advantage was given to economic issues. The program that we created is not enough, subjects to realize it are necessary too”, said Lekic.

Leader of SNP Srdjan Milic said that this program represents the majority ill of citizens.

“The campaign is starting, and from day to day we’ll be on the field with a message – enough of divisions – it’s time for changes”, said Milic.

Leader of URA Zarko Rakcevic said that majority of citizens believes their own eyes more than those who are telling stories of how we’re moving “steady forward”.

“Here you can see us who are connected by the love for a different Montenegro and I believe that this program is the best for Montenegro”, believes Rakcevic.

He said that DPS is using empty rhetorics to hide economic problems.

Member of URA Dritan Abazovic said that the list will most likely be finished on Thursday after individual parties make decisions about the candidates on their Main board meetings.

“Program of the coalition The Key is finished, and as of tmorrow we’ll make sure that it reaches every home in Montenegro. Our program will mostly deal with economy but we will not exclude any of the issues”, said member of URA Dritan Abazovic.

He confirmed that the leader of “The Key” list will be Miodrag Lekic.

“This is logical because he won the presidential elections and gave DPS its first defeat”, said Abazovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro