The Key coalition: The opposition far stronger than DPS

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Out of opposition parties, the Key coalition (URA, Demos, SNP) currently has the highest support among voters – 22.7 percent, said one of the coalition leaders Srdjan Milic at the convention held in Tuzi on Wednesday.

According to the survey conducted for the purpose of this coalition, the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) is currently supported by 37.2% voters, Democratic Front (DF) by 14.3%, Democratic Montenegro (the Democrats) by 7.1%, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) by 4.1%, Bosniak Party (BS) by 2.8%, the Social Democrats (SD) by 2.2% and Positive Montenegro (PCG) by 0.8%.

“DPS is at the historical minimum in the last 10 years. The Key coalition has over 22% support, whereas DPS is at 37%. This means that currently the support for opposition is more than 10% higher than the one for DPS”, Milic said, adding that the support among voters for the opposition and particularly for the Key coalition will only increase.

He said that these elections are not about the future of any politician in Montenegro, but a battle “to prevent DPS from indebting Montenegro and gaining power on empty promises”.

A candidate for MP Goran Danilovic told the residents of Tuzi “that they waged someone else’s battles many times and fought on behalf of third parties”, so it is time to stop.

“This time we invite you to jointly show we are mature and free citizens who can decide what is good for our children. Do not think that you have to prove you love to certain ruling coalition – this state should prove itself to you” Danilovic said.

The candidate for MP Dritan Abazovic said that “if there are deceived people in Montenegro, then those are the people of Malesia”.

“It is scandalous that Milo Djukanovic and Filip Vujanovic are coming for years to take votes from Malesia and always have same promises, but not for you, but to preserve their interests”, Abazovic said.

He said that “there is no future for any nation in Montenegro unless there is a democratically changed government”.

“Therefore I want to respond to Djukanovic’s fascist message from Ulcinj that every Montenegrin vote must be for DPS. That message represent returning to the roots – because the wolf changes his hair, but never his mind”, he said.

Abazovic also said that minority parties were welcome to the coalition, adding that they cannot be eternal poltroons always abused by someone.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro