The lane from Zabjelo to Gorica

The citizens of Podgorica who used a bicycle as of today have a lane just for them, with the length of 5,320 meters.

As it was already announced, the first bicycle lane in the capital of Montenegro, whose construction was financed by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Montenegro, is officially operational as of today.

Construction of 5,320 meters long bicycle track ‘’Corridor 3’’ in the area of King’s Park and hotel “Hilton”, across the boulevards of Saint Peter of Cetinje and Mihailo Lalic, to the junction with Vlado Cetkovic street, was completed.

Management of Podgorica is planning to build a total of five routes. The works on the next corridor, from Gorica hill to Zabjelo, will start in the following days.

Ambasador of the People’s Republic of China in Montenegro Cui Zhiwei said that the project of bicycle tracks, which was funded by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China, was a “project of cooperation and friendship”.

“As foreigners who live in this city, we are happy and satisfied that we can do something for this town. I hope that not only the citizens of Podgorica will benefit from the official opening of the bicycle path, but also the local tourism will gain certain advantages, said Zhiwei.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro