The magic of climbing: A woman from Nikšić won the top of Morocco

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A woman from Nikšić Maja Kontić was one of the Montenegrin climbers, along with those from Serbia, Macedonia and Bulgaria, who climbed on the Atlas Mountain in Morocco, and its highest top of Toubkal at the altitude of 4.167 meters.

As a climber, she started loving the mountain when she was 12, along with her mother Milanka Arsić, who has been into climbing for years, so it is not surprising to see Maja follow her steps. Although she has many obligations with her three children, and as a nurse in the General Hospital in Nikšić, she managed to take 7 days to go climb one of the world’s highest tops.

Maja said that the experience was beyond words, and that she once again felt all the magic of climbing.

“My mother Milanka has been climbing for years, and she invited me to go with her club Balkan to conquer Atlas. I knew I could not miss this opportunity, so I said yes immediately. I packed my bags, and was on my way to Morocco in a few days”, Maja said.

At the foot of Atlas Mountain there is a city Imlil at the altitude of 1.800 meters, and Maja said that the locals greeted them kindly.

“I was fascinated with their hospitality and pleasure of trade. We had great accommodation and full service. I was surprised, because that was not what I read prior to coming. Their kindness is truly worth noting”, Maja said.

After a short stop in Imlil, the climbers moved on to Atlas. The surprises did not stop there. High temperatures were not what they had expected.

“During the first day of walking it was very hot. The temperature was around 35 degrees, which is unusual for such an altitude and time of year. It made it difficult for us to move, but experienced climbers were prepared for such conditions”, Maja said.

The first day of walking ended at the House at the altitude of 3.207 meters. Maja said that she appreciated the rest after such a hot day, but that she was too excited to actually rest.

“On the second day, a strong wind was blowing. The climbers were lead by my mother and climber from Belgrade Vuk Tubić. The climb was 6 hours long and it was very exciting. The only difficulty was the strong wind that made it hard for us to move. When we climbed to the top, the feeling was indescribable. I am sure that every climber knows what I am talking about. The beauty you can see up there is amazing. Beautiful tops of Atlas MOuntain. On the other side you can se Sahara Desert and it is extraordinary”, Maja said.

Short rest at the top, photos, hugs and excitement will be long remembered. After the vacation and celebration, Maja and the team headed back.

Born in Belgrade, Maja met her husband Vlatko Kontić, also a climber, who was the member of the first Montenegrin expedition to Mount Everest in 1996. After many adventures in Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Montenegro, she moved to Nikšić in 1999.

Maja and Vlatko shared their love of climbing to their three children Luka, Mina and Lana, who followed them as soon as they could walk.

Montenegrin flag waved from the highest top of Atlas Mountain.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro