The Marovics behind bars for 41 months

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According to the decision of the High Court in Podgorica, Svetozar Marovic’s son Milos was sentenced to one year in prison, whereas Svetozar’s brother Dragan Marovic was sentenced to seven months in prison. According to the plea agreement between Svetozar Marovic and the prosecutor’s office, which the High Court accepted yesterday, the eldest Marovic agreed to spend one year and ten months in prison, to pay €50,000 fine and return €1.1m to the state budget.

After the decision of the High Court in Podgorica to approve the plea agreement concluded between the Special State Prosecutor’s Office and Milos Marovic became final, the High Court sentenced Marovic to one year in prison for the criminal offense of abuse of office by helping. He is also required to pay the costs of the proceedings.

According to the sentence, the €385,185 gain Milos Marovic’s acquired by a criminal offense is permanently seized. The convict shall pay the amount to the state budget within three months from the date of the final verdict was issued.

On 31 December 2015, Marovic admitted that he had participated in an illegal transaction regarding the sale of 26,000 square meters of municipal land at the Jaz beach and accepted to spend a year in prison and pay €380,000 compensation.

As collateral for the payment, Marovic pledged apartment in which his parents Svetozar and Djordjina live, and his parents Svetozar Djordjina.

It is a 287 square metres flat on the fifth floor of the building near the bus station in Budva. The flat is registered as property of Budva-based MF Invest construction company, which constructed the building. Marovic has 5% share in the company.

His uncle Dragan will spend seven months behind bars and pay the costs of the proceedings.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro