The meeting of SDP and oposition has started

Representatives of the opposition parliamentary parties in Montenegro started negotiations with representatives of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), to present the concept of the interim government.

According to the announcements from the Democratic Front, which initiated this idea, interim government would have fixed term and the three main tasks, emergency economic measures to stop the social drama, decriminalization of society and preparing the first regular election.

The meeting in the Parliament attend the leaders of the Democratic Front (DF) and Positive Montenegro (PCG) Miodrag Lekic and Darko Pajovic, officials of the Socialist National Party (SNP) Aleksandar Damjanovic and Veselin Bakic, Goran Danilovic and Branko Radulovic from DF, and coordinator of the Civic Movement Zarko Rakcevic and independent MP Dritan Abazovic. At a meeting with representatives of the opposition in front of the SDP attend Rifat Rastoder, Borislav Banovic, Dzavid Sabovic and Mico Orlandic.

Lekic said that accepting the invitation to attend the meeting was an expression of democratic culture, and act of responsibility to the voters and the general public.

He said that he was sorry that representatives of minorities, “who, at the risk of somewhat embarrassing situation, reiterated what in the name of them previously publicly said President of DPS”, did not react in the same way.

Lekic stressed the importance of the fact that the entire opposition gathered around this responsible initiative solely in the interest of citizens.

Representatives of the opposition have already invited representatives of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) and minority parties to a meeting at which they would, in their opinion, explain the initiative to form a government of national unity. However, from the DPS answered that they are not interested in the proposal of this kind, and minority parties agreed with them.

SDP leader Ranko Krivokapic said recently that “interim government” is not a priority, but still decided that representatives of the SDP discuss the proposed concept with the opposition .

From the Democratic Front had previously stated that they will organize protests if transitional government is not formed.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro