The most advanced we are in the Western Balkans

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said that one of the objectives of his visit to France was an attempt to make the country “active and important partner in the implementation of development processes in Montenegro”.

The aim, said the prime minister, was to open space for the increased presence of French renowned companies, as well as its tourists in Montenegro.

In the exposure during the meeting with the Union of Employers of the Republic of France, Prime Minister Djukanovic said that Montenegro is now the most advanced economy among the six countries of the Western Balkans, which share European integration as a common strategic objective.

Recalling that until recently we were the least developed republic of the former Yugoslavia, Djukanovic said that we are aware that there is no progress in European integration, nor in the democratization of society, without overcoming the age-old economic backwardness or dynamic economic progress ..

“That is why the focus of Government policy is on the creation of favorable business environment, with the aim of attracting foreign investment, and the near and sustainable valorization of our resources, economic, and overall growth and development”, he said.

Prime Minister recalled that from the beginning of the crisis, Montenegro was one of the most attractive investment destinations in Europe “with an average annual GDP growth around 9% in that three-year period .”

“Montenegro is still in the top of European transitional economies when it comes to foreign direct investment. In the last decade the average share of FDI in GDP of Montenegro was around 18.5%. (I will remind you that share of 10% FDI in GDP is considered high). Translated into absolute figures, in the last ten years net inflow of foreign investments in Montenegro amounted to 5.1 billion Euros. this is an imposing figure, and for a much larger and more developed economies than Montenegrin, whose GDP is something about 3, 2 billion Euros. These investments have come to Montenegro from over 100 countries, ” said Prime Minister Djukanovic.

He said that projection of growth of the Montenegrin economy, which ranges from 2.5% in 2014, to 3.5% in 2015, and 4 or more percent in the coming years was reassuring and realistic .

Izvor: RTV Montenegro