The murder of Dusko Jovanovic is a millstone around neck of Montenegro

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Montenegrin lawmakers have not been unique this year as they have been today. The topic all of them, including DPS and DF, are genuinely concerned about are the attacks against journalists and media outlets.

Therefore, the interim committee for supervising investigations on jeopardising safety of journalists and media outlets has been established today. Milorad Vuletic (DPS) and Koca Pavlovic (DF) have been unanimously elected co-presidents. It has been decided at the first session which has been held in the Parliament today.

Pavlovic immediately suggested a concrete moves – a control hearing of the supreme and special state prosecutor, Ivica Stankovic and Milivoje Katnic, because of the murder of Dusko Jovanovic in 2004.

“I have information that three months ago the SSP received the findings of an independent investigation which contains important data that are easily verifiable. I suggest summoning prosecutors as soon as possible to find out what they did when it comes to the findings”, he said.

However, Vuletic pointed out that the committee needs to prepare itself for work firstly.

“We are not either judges or investigators, but we are here to help”, he said.

The speaker of parliament Darko Pajovic pointed out that the freedom of journalists is not a political but also a human obligation.

“Intimidating journalists, attacks on media outlets and murder of Dusko Jovanovic in 2004 are the milestones around the neck of democratic processes in Montenegro. We have to find the strength to change bad things that happened in the past. I want to I believe that establishing the committee is a step in that direction”, Pajovic said.

Jovanovic’s murder will be in the focus of the SNP leader Srdjan Milic. He hopes that there will be no obstructions and asked Pajovic to help in “opening all the doors that are currently closed”.

“There is a special room with documents on the case in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Montenegro”, Milic said.

Marta Scepanovic (DPS) said that “fulfilling the tasks of the Committee in the best way was the top national interest”.

“I hope that we will be one team. I expect all of us to be unique in that mission”, she said.

SDP stated that intimidation of journalists was “a cancer against which a cure had to be found”.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro