The oldest woman in Herceg Novi: Pola Mitrović celebrates 105th birthday

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The oldest woman in Herceg Novi, Pola Mitrović from Bijelske Kruševice, celebrates her 105th birthday today.

Her friend, Dragana Vodovar and her mother Stana, regularly visit her in Old people’s home in Risan. Dragana sent photos from this unusual celebration to Radio Jadran.

The party was taken care of by her and cousin Sofija who celebrated 86th birthday on July 12th. Members of NGO Bonaca from Zelenika were also there for the celebration.

Pola is still vital and in good mood. Her age is not an obstacle to having fun with her guests. She enjoys her flowers, cake, and gifts, but she is the most happy with visits.

“We have been friends for over 30 years. We live in Bijela and we visit Pola every week. She is in great shape. A little hard of hearing, but we speak slowly. They take good care of her. We come out of love for an old woman who loves life”, Stanka said.

Pola never married, although she had seven opportunities. She was a beauty, but she said no to everyone.

“It is fate”, Sofija said.

Pola’s brother went to Australia to start a family, and her sister married in Boka.

Pola lived with her parents, and then alone, after their death.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro