The opposition does not have a majority for toppling the government

The initiative for a vote of no confidence in Government, initiated by the Democratic Montenegro, will not get the necessary support, according to the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS).

Political Director of the party Tarzan Milosevic told ‘’Vijesti’’ that this initiative will suffer the same fate as the other big moves of the opposition.

He stated that DPS recommends the opposition parties to save their energy for elections.

“Instead of divided views, whether they want a vote of no confidence in government or the protests, transitional or non transitional government, we suggest them to save energy for the elections, which will certainly be soon because the government and the parliament are entering the final year of the mandate, and legitimacy to this and any government is given by citizens in elections and not by initiatives of the parties whose number is getting higher every day while rating and voter support is getting smaller”, Milosevic said.

Democrats have proposed that a special session of the Assembly with the vote of no confidence in the government should be held on 3 September. It was stated in the explanation of the initiative that the ruling coalition no longer exists and that mutual serious accusations between DPS and SDP have confirmed this fact.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro