The opposition is already counting and calculating with 200 functions

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In anticipation of the signing of the political Agreement on free and fair elections, the opposition has already begun counting possible personnel effects of Djukanovic’s offer. They expect to enter the government “in depth” and open at least 200 seats for their people.

On the other hand, the Democratic Party of Socialists says Mr. Djukanovic showed openness and willingness to “open the doors of governance”, but stressed that the party now expects the opposition to take this matter both seriously and responsibly, and not as an opportunity to block the process.

DPS deputy, Zoran Jelic, added for Dnevne Novine daily that the opposition should take this opportunity to contribute to the electoral process as a partner, noting that it all started when Prime Minister Djukanovic offered to those who voted against his government to be part of it nonetheless.

It might seem paradoxical that, despite of this, some opposition officials believe that this offer is exactly the reason why the Agreement hasn’t yet been signed.

An official of Demos, Goran Danilovic, said the Agreement will give the opposition a total of 200 seats in key areas, as well as the right to joint decision making. On his Facebook page, Danilovic wrote that “DPS hoped until the last minute that the part of the opposition, which is negotiating, will eventually give up” and that “Djukanovic will then helplessly spread his hands toward Europe with the famous platitude ‘I offered all, but to no one’.

On the other hand, the president of the Socialist People’s Party, Srdjan Milic,, who is also participating in the negotiations, believes that after the signing of the Agreement, the opposition will get more than 200 seats.

“Until now, there were no seat at all, so we leave it up to the media to conclude whether it is better to have 200 or none. Finally, when the Agreement is signed and the law adopted in the parliament, there will be more than two hundred. DPS will be a reluctant signatory to the Agreement, but it will vote for the bill in the Assembly”, Milic said for DN.

Neđeljko Rudović of the Civic Movement URA believes 200 is a reasonable, realistic number offered to the opposition. He too says DPS will take a blow by not being able to manipulate state funding anymore.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro