The opposition shamelessly suspects EU officials

Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic assessed that the opposition in Montenegro “shamelessly suspects and criticizes top officials in Brussels”, because, as he said, they affirm our country’s progress in EU integration.

Djukanovic did not want to comment on the “Dispatch” affair, stating that it should be left to the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Igor Luksic.

He also said that he did not know of such a thing in political practice, saying that such moves by political opponents should not be an obstacle to further European path.

Commenting on the allegations of, as he said, “on-duty interpreters and critics” of Brussels’ attitudes, Djukanovic said that this behavior is a logical continuation of their moral and political fall.

When asked by DPS deputy Milutin Simovic on which are the most important messages from the meeting that he recently had with top officials of the European Union and NATO, he said the attitudes are explicit that the EU remains committed to the idea of a European future for Montenegro. He said that every normal person who wishes good for themselves and their families is looking forward to positive messages from Brussels.

Keep the intensive dialogue in the coming months, too

Djukanovic said that this shows that Montenegro is on a irreversibly steady path, stating that reassuring message from NATO and EU officials has been sent to our country.

“The Secretary General of NATO Jens Stoltenberg said that Montenegro is an example of a state that on the basis of their work demonstrates the commitment to integration into the Alliance and its values. By calling our country a champion in regional cooperation, he welcomed the substantial reforms we have achieved, stated that intensified and focused interviews are being conducted successfully, and commended the results”, he said at today’s session of parliament dedicated to the Prime Minister hour.

The Prime Minister said that it was repeated that Montenegro is first in line for membership in NATO.

“The intensive dialogue with allies will continue in the coming months when we expect Stoltenberg’s visit to our country”, he said, noting that the common opinion is that NATO’s invitation to Montenegro would be a strong impetus for the region.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro