The opposition without a proposal for A2A

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Opposition representatives have not yet managed to agree on an offer that would be sent to the Italian company A2A even though they hinted it more than ten days ago, announced the Ministry of Economy.

“Reasons for this were not explained to the public nor to A2A, which is still awaiting proposals that it could declare upon,” said the representatives of the Ministry.

They responded to the allegations of the President of the Civic Movement United Reform Campaign (URA) Zarko Rakcevic, who announced that the electric power system as the backbone of Montenegro must remain in the hands and under the control of the state, not only because of state and national, but also for economic, social and environmental reasons.

He also said that the public needs to know why the new contract of the Government with the A2A “cancels and replaces much-acclaimed contract from September 2009 overnight”.

The Ministry announced that these arguments are denied by simple fact that the contract from 2009 has expired.

“So, the contract for the privatization of Elektroprivreda (EPCG) is not canceled nor altered, since it ceased to have effect on 1 April last year. It is impossible to cancel, or change a contract that has ceased to exist more than a year ago”, said the representatives of the Ministry.

Regarding the alleged secrecy they said that, apart from the Government, the Parliament too will make a statement on the Proposal of the shareholders contract, which was published.

“There is not a higher degree of transparency than that. If there is, we are waiting for URA to propose it,” added the Ministry.

They also said from the Government department that statements, alleging that the current contract of the Government and A2A in many parts provides better protection to EPCG and state interests of Montenegro, are incorrect.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro