The Parliament incident to be discussed tomorrow

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Montenegrin Parliament will today continue the sixth session of the first year’s regular assembly, learns daily newspaper Dnevne Novine.

The session was cancelled three days ago because of the incident, but this was not the reason why it wasn’t resumed. According to agreement between caucuses, and at proposal from Vice-President Suljo Mustafic, the plenum was not continued due to the Islamic holiday of Eid. The cancellation was agreed on at the Collegium before the session even started. It was also agreed to continue working on Thursday, although it is the third day of Eid.

President of the Assembly, Darko Pajović, yesterday returned from Georgia, where he spoke at the annual session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE, in Tbilisi, titled “25 years of parliamentary cooperation: Building trust through dialogue”.

According to DN daily’s information, the latest incident in the Assembly will be discussed at the Collegium of the President of the Assembly on Friday, before the Parliament continues its regular work.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro