The Parliament passed a set of amendments in economy laws

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Today, the Parliament passed a set of amendments on different laws in economy, among which Law on bankruptcy, that will make this process more efficient and faster.

Passed amendments on the Law on bankruptcy should lead to more efficient process, while the opposition thinks that disregard of current legislation is problematic.

Amendments pay special attention to principles that make this process faster and less of a total distruction of business.

Representatives also passed amendments on Law on income tax for companies, that should enable better tax practices and better business environment.

The goal of these amendments is to improve the system of taxing residents and non-residents that fall under income tax regulations.

Amendments on laws on insurance, administration fees, shareholding and rafting were also passed today.

Representatives passed amendments on Law on peaceful resolution of work disputes, syndicates representation and Fund PIO.

Representatives did not vote today on amendments on Law on PDV, because it was determined that more discussion is needed.

DPS submitted two amendments on this law, but they did not elaborate on them.

SNP MP Aleksandar Damjanović said that amendments would decrease PDV for five stars hotels on the coast, and those with four stars in the North.

„The state would lose, and big investors would gain“, Damjanović said.

DPS MP Predrag Sekulić believes that PDV should be decreased in order to make Montenegro a more attractive tourist destination. He said that amendments do not pertain only to foreign investors, but to national as well.

Independent MP Mladen Bojanić said that these amendments would reduce obligations for investors, and tax citizens more in order to fill the budget.

„Heaven for foreign investors and hell for Montenegrin citizens”, Bojanić said.

Suggested amendments on Law on PDV would adjust our legislation with EU standards. They pertain to taxing electrical energy.

Adjustment is implemented when it comes to personal baggage, small packages and personal property. These transactions would not have PDV when imported. Should Montenegro join NATO, PDV would be cancelled for the needs of the Army.

The Parliament was supposed to vote on suggested Decision on forming a Committee for control of implementation of highway Bar-Boljare, but the session was cut short.

Independent MP Jelisava Kalezić said that the Parliament needs to seriously consider the Law on highway due to obligations that carry great financial and social responsibility for future generations.

„For this past year and a half, only one representative posed a question to Minister of Traffic and Maritime Affairs, and his response was the only way to get information that did not give us much hope”, Kalezić said.

Legislative committee of the Parliament did not support Decision on forming a Committee for control of implementation of highway Bar-Boljare earlier, because it was not in accordance with the Constitution.

President of the Parliament Darko Pajović said that the Legislative committee suggested that the Parliament decides that this Decision is not in accordance with the Constitution, and that it should not be passed.

“Should the Parliament decide that the Decision is not in accordance with the Constitution, it will be left out of our daily schedule. If not, we will have to examine the facts in more detail”, the President said.

This Decision was suggested in the end of July of last year by 13 representatives, and it was written by MANS. It was submitted to the Parliament on July 22nd last year.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro