The Parliament received the worst review of all institutions

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In the Report on Montenegro’s progress for 2016, Parliament received the worst review of all institutions. In this document of European Commission it is stated that the boycott took toll on the activities in the Parliament. This is the second report from Brussels that cites issues with the Parliament, during which time Ranko Krivokapić was the president.

“Legislative activities were stopped during opposition boycott. Parliament only continue to function after the agreement between Government and opposition”, the Report reads.

The Report asks that government and parliament have a better cooperation in order to further harmonize legislation with EU rules.

“Process of harmonization with EU legislation requires closer cooperation between these two institutions. Parliament takes initiative in submitting laws, and it is not always in accordance with government’s priorities”, the Report states.

“There was no progress in widening Parliament’s capacities to continue conclusions and recommendations passed in hearings”, the document reads.

Parliament got positive marks for transparency.

“There are no procedures for citizens’ comments. Administrative and expert capacities need to be better”.

On the other hand, the Government received very good marks in the Report.

“The government of electoral trust demonstrated that Montenegro has a capacity to overcome a difficult political situation”.

NATO invitation is also seen as progress.

“Accession program for Montenegro to EU for 2016 – 2018 clearly state the obligations in this time, and it includes different institutions. The process is satisfactory, although it could be better”, EC Report reads.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro