The petition to reintroduce the Child Benefit

A group of citizens “Alternative Montenegro” and non-governmental organizations from the north of Montenegro organized today a campaign to collect signatures for the reintroduction of child benefit.

On the Republic Square in the center of the city, people now have the opportunity to sign and support the petition that seeks amendments to the Law on Social and Child Protection. In case organizers of the petition collect six thousand signatures and changes that act, the petition organizers said that children who attend primary and secondary school would get child benefit, provided that their parents do not receive any social and financial support, and are registered by the Department Employment as unemployed, reports Anatolia agency.

Nikola Bezmarevic from NGO “Alternative Montenegro,” said that every reasonable citizen needs to sign the petition.

“We must bring awareness among citizens. We must be socially useful and put the children under state protection. It seems that in this country there is money for everything except for children, ” Bezmarevi said.

5,500 people have already signed the petition in Niksic and Bijelo Polje.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro