The police left the Parliament

#MinistryOfInterior #DemocraticFront


Collegium of the President of the Parliament agreed the withdrawal of the additional police security from Parliament. This means that only the the standard Parliament security will remain in the Parliament.

The call to the Ministry of Interior (MUP) and the head Dusko Markovic was reiterated to answer how many police officers were in the Parliament and why were they present. The security assessment in the Parliament was also requested.

It was agreed that the session lasts until 18:30.

Earlier today, after almost an hour from the start of the session, the President has given a break because of the objection of the opposition due to the presence of the police, which was discussed at the Collegium.

MP of the Democratic Front (DF) Branko Radulovic said that “the Parliament was turned into the bunker of Special Antiterrorist Unit (SAJ)”, alluding to heavy security at the entrance to Parliament. He said that the DF came to the Parliament to “demystify the biggest theft in Montenegrin politics.”

Right at the beginning of the session Radulovic called for a break until security is removed. “There is 150 policemen here, armed to the teeth,” Radulovic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro