The political uproar drives away investors

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Montenegro does not need a political uproar because we will have problems with investors – both foreign and domestic. The capital is very fearful. We need political stability, high economic growth rates and fast and efficient valorization of resources, adviser to the prime minister and former Minister of Finance Radoje Zugic says.

In an interview with daily ‘’Pobjeda’’ he said that it would improve the economy and strengthen our macroeconomic, fiscal, and financial performance.

“We need a conservative finance minister with a minimum of political activity. It is true that he is always elected from the ruling party, and this is someone who has a special trust, but trust is one thing and political activity is something completely different,” Zugic said.

According to him, it is necessary to continue with activities on providing the high growth rate of public revenues, which was the trend in the previous period. And of course, we need a Minister of Finance who will be resistant to criticism.

“Popular Finance Minister is not a good finance minister. Scarcity of resources cannot be an obstacle to the full support of the socially vulnerable categories of the population. Special care must be given to the pensioners with the lowest incomes, young couples, the unemployed, people who are in real social needs, with special care of the underdeveloped parts of the country (northern Montenegro) in order to have balanced regional development,” Zugic concluded.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro