The problem with Sutorina is created by Sarajevo

The President of the Republic of Serbian Milorad Dodik believes that the problem of Sutorina is created in Sarajevo, and the closeness of Sarajevo and the Montenegrin authorities contributed to strengthening of that initiative.

For Radio Antena M, he said that Republic of Srpska did not approve the work of the Joint Commission, which is supposed to determine the border.

“This problem related to Sutorina appears all of a sudden.I think it is primarily created by people from Sarajevo. I think even the closeness of Podgorica and Sarajevo has contributed to the strengthening of such initiative. As for us from the Republic of Srpska, we still have not received the resolution proposed by Bosniaks, primarily from Sarajevo circle”, Dodik said.

He added that “objectively speaking, after the braking up of Yugoslavia, the borders were determined by the Badinter Commission which said that AVNOJ borders, which were then withdrawn, were the state borders, if there were no parties interested in the correction of these borders”.

“In any case, discussions of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina about the border should be used to definitively determine the boundaries. In this regard, a certain argumentation should be given. In any case I think that it should be resolved in a calm way”, Dodik concluded.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro