The Prosecutor’s Office to investigate allegations of Knezevic

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Vice President of SDP Rasko Konjevic urged the Supreme State Prosecutor to investigate allegations of MP Milan Knezevic on illegal employment. Konjevic claims that Knezevic is not telling the truth.

“I remind you, deputy Knezevic said at the parliamentary rostrum: ‘’On 18/02/2016, a few hours before this Parliament noted the termination of its mandate, Rasko Konjevic signed 53 decisions on full-time employment and 25 for probationers,” said Konjevic.

He said that Knezevic is not telling the truth and that it is not his first time.

“The Law on Internal Affairs and the Law on Civil Servants defined authorization procedures for signing the decision on . According to the law, the decision on establishing employment relationship for an indefinite period for police officers in the Police is not signed by the Minister but the police director. Deputy Knezevic does not know that as he does not know much else, other than to offend and unsuccessfully entertain Montenegrin public,” said Konjevic.

As he states, he is not expecting the appology of Knezevic and much less that he will leave the political scene.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro