The rule of law at the top of the priority list

President of the Parliament of Montenegro Ranko Krivokapic spoke with the special advisor of US President Barack Obama for Russia and Eurasia, Celeste A. Wallander.

The officials, as stated by his office, exchanged assessments regarding the intensified and focused dialogue with which Montenegro is meeting the requirements for receiving an invitation for membership in NATO by the end of 2015.

“The progress was noted jointly, but it was also pointed to the fields where it is necessary to make the extra effort. Krivokapic and Wallander stressed that the areas of rule of law and public support are at the top of the priority list that awaits Montenegro”, the statement said.

Krivokapic and Wallander discussed the issue of the Ukrainian crisis, but also the activities that the OSCE Parliamentary Assembly implements through the “Vienna process” in order to de-escalate the crisis.

“Krivokapic also spoke with the host of the prayer breakfast, Senator Roger Wicker, who is also the president of the first Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE.

Senator Viker expressed his intention to continue to support the Euro-Atlantic aspirations of Montenegro, while considering Montenegro as the important factor of stabilization and cooperation in the Western Balkans. The officials, as members of the top leadership of the Parliamentary Assembly of the OSCE, discussed issues that will be subject of the Winter session of the OSCE PA in the middle of February in Vienna. Senator Wicker gave full support to the efforts that Krivokapic is undertaking under the Vienna process, thus affirming parliamentary diplomacy as a factor in finding a solution to the Ukrainian crisis”, reads the statement.

During his visit to the United States Krivokapic also met with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Asia Hoyt Brian Yee.

“The officials jointly assessed that there is an improvement since the last NATO summit in Wales, but that additional measurable and continuous results must be achieved, particularly in the area of rule of law, with an emphasis on final judgments and the fight against corruption at all levels. It is expected that the citizens of Montenegro get complete and intensive information about the benefits of the security, but also economic security that citizens will feel with the NATO membership. Improvements in security sector reform and the Army of Montenegro must be maintained, with the continuation of the efforts that will make Montenegro a lasting reliable partner in NATO Alliance”, Krivokapic’s cabinet noted.

President of the Parliament will be meeting with the President of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly and Congressman Michael Turner tomorrow, and he will also gather the members of the Montenegrin Caucus, consisted of 47 representatives of the US Congress who support Montenegro in this House.

“President Krivokapic will also have a lecture at the prestigious German Marshall Fund, which will be devoted to the transatlantic cooperation”, the statement said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro