The SD should run individually in the elections

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The Socialdemocrats of Montenegro (SD) in the upcoming local elections should run individually, because party’s support growth trend will be continued, said the vice president of the SD, Damir Sehovic.

He said that the party’s bodies will make the final decision on the way of running in the local elections, once the elections are called.

“My personal opinion is that the SD should run in the forthcoming local elections individually because I am convinced that the trend of growth will continue, and the citizens will once again recognize our high quality election offer and the prominent people who are the best guarantors for its implementation,” Sehovic said for the newspaper Pobjeda .

According to him, there is no dilemma that the SD, along with partners from the state level, would be part of the government in those regions, and it will assume its share of responsibility for the future development of Cetinje, Ulcinj, Petnjice and Mojkovac.

He stressed that in the context of the presidential elections, the most important thing was the victory of the candidate who recognizes vital national interests and who is on the line of a clearly established political course, and not someone who would cause new political instability.

“That is the fact we will have in mind when the issue comes to the agenda,” Sehovic said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro