The sea is clean, swimming safe

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Results of the analyisis of the sanitary quality of the sea water for 91 public beaches along the Montenegrin coast that was done between 18th and 20th of July showed that in 97.8 percent of the beaches the quality of sea water was K1 level, and at 2.2 percent it was K2 level, which means that the water at all of the beaches is extremely clean and safe for swimming and recreation.

Out of 14 beaches in Ulcinj, 13 had K1 quality and one had K2 quality of water.

Quality of sea water was K1 at all beaches in Bar, on 23 in Budva, 14 in Kotor, as well as all 24 beaches included in the monitoring in Herceg Novi.

In Tivat, quality of the sea water was K1 at nine beaches, and K2 at only one beach.

Repeated analysis of the sea water at the Big beach in Ulcinj no microbiological contamination was found, and upon the request from swimmers and locals, new location for measuring the quality of water was set up on beaches “Volat” and “Anderba” in Krasici, in municipality of Tivat.

Results of analysis of sanitary quality of sea water for each individual beach can bee seen in a special application which can be found at internet page

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro