The second block is not rasing the cost of electricity

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Claims that electricity prices should rise nearly four times or 376 per cent by 2040 so that the construction of the second block of the thermal power plant Pljevlja could be considerd profitable, are incorrect and absolutely baseless, it was announced from the Montenegrin government.

Referring to the feasibility study for the project, the daily ‘’Dan’’ released today the information that the price of electricity by 2040 would have to rise by almost four times if the implementation of the project is to be profitable.

“Without going into whether this was a manipulation or ignorance, for objective informing of the public we announce that the projections referred to in the study relate to electricity price trends in the next 50 years in the global electricity market, regardless of the second block of TE Pljevlja or any object of the similar parameters,” it was explained from the Government of Montenegro.

The response stated that the projection was drafted by the consulting and engineering company Pöyry, and, according to the Government, “not for the project of the second block of TE Pljevlja”.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro