The Senate without a quorum, Steering Board in the morning


The session of the Senate of the University of Montenegro was postponed for Friday, due to the lack of quorum. Not even the Senate students appear at the session, showing in this way, their opinion on the dismissal of Rector Radmila Vojvodić.

A Steering Board meeting is scheduled for tomorrow, which, as Vojvodic says, can’t make a decision on her resignation without the Senate’s opinion.

Senators should give an opinion on the initiative to dismiss the rector, but no matter if the opinion is positive or negative, Steering Board decides independently. The Senate’s opinion has no legal effect, as regulated by the n Statute Of Montenegrin University but, as announced by the University of Montenegro, the Steering Board can’t decide without that opinion.

However, University of Montenegro states that according to the Statute, the Steering Board can only decide on the status of the rector after obtaining the Senate’s statement.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro