The signatures on the promissory notes counterfeit

Vice president of DPS Svetozar Marovic and his son Milos countered with a counter-suit against the Austrian company “Heta Leasing Kärnten GmbH”, which sues them for 10 million euros on behalf of alleged promissory notes with which they guaranteed the company that a loan given in 2008 to offshore company “Galaxy” registered in the State of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines in the Caribbean Islands , would be returned.

Marovics in the complaint, among other things, claim that their signatures on the promissory notes are false, or forged, and that someone, for unknown reasons, drag them into that story.

According to the lawsuit of “Heth”, Marovics were the guarantors for the loan, with which luxury yacht in the Italian shipyard “Princess” was bought, which has been anchored in the port of Budvaf or years and which was said to belong to the family of Marovic. Austrian companies from Marovic sues 9,980,076.15 euros. According to a leasing contract, the yacht remains the property of “Heta leasing” to the collection of all receivables.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro