The situation is alarming, control hearing of Segrt


MP Damir Sehovic sent an initiative for control hearing of the Minister of Health Budimir Segrt before the Parliamentary Committee for Economy, Finance and Budget, because of, as he said, the alarming situation in the health system.

Sehovic sent the initiative to the president of the Committee Aleksandar Damjanovic, asking this parliamentary body to make a statement at its next session, because of the importance and urgency of the issue.

“The reason for initiating control hearing is an alarming situation in the healthcare system of Montenegro, which is due to the fact that the minister opted insufficient amount of funds for medical devices without consultation with the Fund for health insurance and public health institutions”, said Sehovic.

This, he said, threatenes the functionality of the entire health system, but also seriously jeopardize the provision of quality health care to the population.

Explanation of the initiative states that the needs for medical devices (disposable medical supplies and related equipment) for the smooth functioning of the entire health system, established by public health institutions and the Fund, amounted to EUR 16.64 million.

“However, the Health Minister, without any consultation with the Fund and public health institutions, decided to distribute money for health care, which is budgeted for 2016, in a different way”, said Šehović.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro