“The situation is getting worse”

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The situation in Montenegro, on the eve of adoption of the decision on NATO membership, is getting worse , said the leader of DEMOS , Miodrag Lekic, urging the government to seriously take opposition’s proposals for overcoming the political and institutional crisis.

“Some kind of quasi decision on Montenegro’s accession to NATO should be adopted tomorrow. The atmosphere is blazing hot, “Lekic told at the press conference.

He recalled that Demos argues that such a possible decision should be brought in a referendum, adding that even their Program states that citizens must have opportunity to vote on a referendum on the accession of Montenegro to the security and military structures, including NATO.

He believes that the NATO issue, which has deeply divided Montenegrin society, has its function – not to be seen the real economic and social situation, irregularity of political-institutional system, and to cover up “the various biographies of individuals from the highest authorities.”

“The time has come for reason to prevail, and to try together to find a way out of the deep political and institutional crisis, ‘’said Lekic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro