The solution acceptable for Djukanovic: Popovic agriculture minister, Vujovic deputy prime minister

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After Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic rejected the proposal of SDP, Demos and URA to appoint Milorad Vujovic as the minister of agriculture, a compromise has been reached. The opposition “troika” suggested the PM appoint Vujovic as deputy prime minister and Milenko Popovic, the former candidate for the deputy PM, as the minister of agriculture. The solution is acceptable for Djukanovic. As CDM learns, the PM’s proposal for new ministries has already been submitted to the Parliament. The session at which the proposal will be discussed is scheduled for tomorrow at noon.

Djukanovic also finds the rest of the candidates for the government members acceptable, ie. he agrees to appoint Goran Danilovic as interior minister, Rasko Konjevic as finance minister and Boris Maric as the minister of labour and social welfare.

Earlier today, the prime minister sent a letter to SDP, URA and Demos rejecting their proposal to appoint Milorad Vujovic as the minister of agriculture and rural development, due to lack of expertise at a time when it is necessary in this department.

After that, the opposition troika was deliberating for almost six hours, trying to find a compromise. After the meeting they announced their proposal to the PM in a press release.

“As signatories to the agreement on free and fair elections, we inform you that we have no intention to give up our already proposed candidates for entering the interim government of electoral trust. We are convinced that the candidates are able to perform their duties in the best national interest of Montenegro, not only according to their human and moral qualities, but also in terms of their professional knowledge and technical competence. Having in mind the social significance of the agreement and recognising the intention to obstruct the agreement at the very end of this process, representatives of opposition and non-party figures expressed their willingness to perform certain corrections in term of the positions they proposed candidates for”, they said in the statement.

Danilovic is angry, Rasko is not!

At 6:30pm today, the opposition candidate for interior minister Goran Danilovic left the meeting and the Parliament building. He was visibly angry.

It is not known why he left the meeting. It was impossible to stop him.

Half an hour later, the candidate for finance minister Rasko Konjevic also left the Parliament building. Referring to CdM’s article title that Danilovic was infuriated, Konjevic said “I am not angry”.

The session of the Parliament at which the candidates are to be discussed will be held tomorrow. The MPs will also discuss dismissal of the Speaker of the Parliament Ranko Krivokapic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro