The state has done as much as it could

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The state has done everything possible regarding the arrest of Svetozar Marovic, said Minister of Justice, Zoran Pazin.

Commenting the fact that Marovic has not been arrested yet, Pazin said that now everything is on Interpol.

“An international arrest warrant has been issued for Marovic and now it is on Interpol to make a move. All member states of Interpol, starting from the central register, which is located in the General Secretariat of Interpol in Lyon, have the opportunity to take out an arrest warrant and to act,” Pazin told journalists.

He added that state authorities, who were responsible, were acting in accordance with their vision in which way the laws of Montenegro should be respected.

The National Central Bureau of Interpol Podgorica has issued an international arrest warrant for former DPS high official Svetozar Marovic, because he did not respond to the call to serve three years and nine months in prison.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro