The story about Sutorina could only harm BH

Opening the issue of Sutorina, could hardly harm Montenegro, said Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic, stating that Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) shows that it does not respect the rules and exiting agreements which should be observed.

Asked whether the issue of Sutorine, which Bosnia and Herzegovina wants to incorporate into its territory, can jeopardize our membership in NATO, Djukanovic said that the story is much more popularized than it deserves.

“It can not slow down our European and Euro-Atlantic path. The opening of this issue is very destructive and unwise and can produce damage which end address would hardly be Montenegro. It could primarily open a policy of establishing better functionality of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a condition of their Euro-Atlantic and European way “, said the Prime Minister in a talk show Responsible Response at Radio Montenegro.

Djukanovic added that BH does not respect some rules that should be observed.

“BiH shows open territorial claims on neighboring country and this can have consequences on the perception of the region. It is not a good message to investors, because if they read that in the 21st century we deal with the demarcation issues, it is not inspiring for them,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that the Badinter Commission established borders of the former Yugoslav republics, and recalled that in previous years between Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina has been carried out the demarcation process.

Djukanovic stressed that international arbitration is not possible without the consent of both countries.

“No one can assume that Montenegro would gave the consent to discuss it,” he said.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro