The story of Milic’s resignation is finished

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A member of the SNP General Board of the and the chairman of the Tuzi party’s board, Kolja Ljuljđuraj, said that those seeking the resignation of Srđan Milic’s leader did not have the courage to initiate this issue at the session of the General Board.

He also considers that the attacks on the SNP and the party leadership are not accidental, especially after they have made a significant contribution to the partition of the DPS in another coastal municipality.

“Those who are now demanding the resignation of the President of the Party Srdjan Milic did not have the courage to raise the issue at the session of the Central Committee. I remind you that beacuse of that President Milic raised the question of confidence and got convincing support of the General Committee. So, the story is completed, because the party organs already decided on the matter, ” Ljuljdjuraj said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro